Slide TEAM Leadership Crayhill cultivates a results-oriented environment that is conducive to critical thinking and creativity.

Josh Eaton

Shamafa L. Khan
Head of Marketing & IR

Carlos Mendez

Joe Thomas
Chief Financial Officer

Crayhill investment professionals possess decades of experience designing alternative financing solutions able to withstand challenging credit environments.

Our collective credit expertise is focused on harnessing the fundamental performance of the assets we finance.

We employ a highly quantitative approach to evaluating the portfolios of loans, leases and receivables that back our investments in order to generate a cycle-tested view of the projected performance of such assets. We invest in our ability to manage large data sets, extract relevance and derive realistic stress scenarios.

We draw on our deep understanding of the capital needs and growth cycle of specialty finance platforms and other asset heavy counterparties to develop the best capital solutions for our borrowers. It is our team’s experience and reputation in structuring and underwriting such asset-based private credit solutions that make us a preferred capital provider to the marketplace.

Careers at Crayhill

Our investment team seeks to promote sound reasoning and continuous recalibration of our risk-taking initiatives.

The key tenets of our team’s approach to idea generation include:

  • Focus on accuracy over confirmation where objectivity and truth seeking are rewarded
  • Accountability based on mutually derived goals and targeted outcomes
  • Openness to a diversity of ideas


Crayhill has assembled a purpose-built team of investment professionals that possess the multi-disciplinary skillsets and diversity of experiences and viewpoints required to successfully execute its asset-based private credit strategy.

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