We create capital partnerships with non-bank asset originators, servicers, developers and owners.

Our investments span specialty finance and other market sectors that are traditionally overlooked, such as equipment leasing, transportation factoring, trade finance, renewable energy and media receivables.

Our investments address a deep capital need in these sectors, where our ability to deliver tailored capital solutions to solve complex financing needs is a competitive advantage. We are often an early mover in niche but growing markets, allowing us to structure attractive investment opportunities that preserve capital, drive value and capture upside optionality.


Our highly disciplined team has the skillsets necessary to successfully execute our asset-based private credit strategy.

Our seasoned investment professionals have decades of experience in sourcing, structuring, underwriting, monitoring and monetizing complex asset-based investment opportunities. Our team members have been through multiple credit cycles and possess the necessary expertise to actively structure investments to protect principal and unlock value.


We identify opportunities before they become trends.

Our focused approach helps us to achieve scale within underserved, highly specialized sectors. We have built a firm and investment team dedicated to asset-based financing.

With a focus on investments backed by cash flowing assets, we invest opportunistically to create differentiated exposures across sectors and asset types with low correlation to the broader markets.

Examples of current industry sector focus areas include Renewable Energy and Structured Real Estate.