Shweta Kapadia

Shweta Kapadia Controller

Ms. Kapadia is a Vice President at Crayhill Capital Management focused on origination and execution of private structured credit transactions.

Prior to joining Crayhill in January 2019, Ms. Kapadia was a Director at Commonbond where she was focused on capital market activities for the company. Prior to joining Commonbond, Ms. Kapadia was an Investment Professional at Och-Ziff Capital Management (now Oz Management) from 2013 to 2018 where she played a substantial role in making investments in MBS/ABS securities and structured private credit transactions. Prior to her role at Och-Ziff Capital Management, Ms. Kapadia was a Vice President at Barclays Capital/Lehman Brothers in the strategy group, where she focused on mortgage-backed securities. Ms. Kapadia has a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from The University of Mumbai.

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