Raj Savai

Raj Savai Director

Mr. Savai is a Director at Crayhill Capital Management.

Prior to Crayhill, Mr. Savai worked as a Portfolio Manager at Cello Capital where he was recruited to help launch a new credit fund. Between 2010 and 2014, Mr. Savai was Executive Director of Research at UBS’s SNB Stabfund, a vehicle created in 2008 to stabilize UBS and the Swiss financial system with $39B in structured credit assets. Mr. Savai was responsible for research, managing the development of quantitative models and writing fund performance reports. Prior to UBS, Mr. Savai was a Director of ICP Capital’s Advisory and Consulting practice where he advised clients on CDO administration, asset-valuation and provided capital solutions to banking institutions. Before that, he was a Senior Associate at GSC Group, where he was responsible for building their quantitative analytics infrastructure and assisted in structuring RMBS and CDO transactions. Mr. Savai has a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from Florida State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from The University of Mumbai.

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