We are excited to announce that we are hiring Associates at Crayhill Capital to join our team in midtown Manhattan.

If you are interested in working closely with our borrowers and learning more about the growing private credit market from an asset-based perspective, consider applying.

This is an opportunity for a qualified candidate to gain invaluable experience in private market financing, to utilize problem-solving skills to structure and create innovative financial solutions, and to learn from industry veterans about this niche and growing segment of the market.  You will gain relevant experience across a variety of sectors while building your network and honing your quantitative financial skills.  You will be joining a collegial team of likeminded professionals who appreciate creativity and hard work.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Research: Identify and research investment opportunities through in-depth company research and asset performance analysis in order to design and implement structure and project investment returns
  • Performance Analysis: Perform credit and asset performance analysis, including investment pricing and valuation
  • Build and Review Models: Develop complex financial models; develop and maintain asset databases
  • Conduct Diligence: Conduct detailed company and asset diligence, both on-site and desktop
  • Investment Committee Memos: Prepare internal investment committee memoranda
  • Negotiate Transaction Documents: Assist in the review of transaction-related documentation
  • Manage Existing Investments: Interface with portfolio company counterparties, conduct performance analysis and make recommendations based on critical analysis of data


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Relevant Experience: 3-10 years of related experience in asset-based credit analysis; a background in investment and/or securitization banking, asset backed finance, ABS portfolio management or asset-based lending. Familiarity with unit economics, payment waterfalls, securitization structures and the ability to analyze a specialty finance company and its assets
  • Technical Skills: Excellent financial modeling and Excel skills; SQL is a strong preference
  • Financial Skills: Understanding of accounting and financial reporting, capital structures and balance sheets
  • Passion: Deep intellectual curiosity and desire to find solutions supported by data
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and oral communication skills, with ability to express views on risk/reward in an investment context
  • Superior Academic Credentials: A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, engineering, mathematics or a related field from a top tier university


To apply, please fill out the form below, or email your resume, information, and cover letter to recruiting@crayhill.com.